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Photo of ICRC staff in Africa giving pamphlet on IHL

Selection of videos produced and edited for ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross] campaigns [for social media videos check my Twitter account or my Facebook page]

Couple of campaigns ads shot and edited for Ensemble à Gauche, screened in movie theaters and broadcasted in public transports in Geneva

Man showing closing the button of his shirt
Human rights defender interviewed

Couple of videos shot and edited for the OMCT [World Organisation Against Torture] during its event at the 40th Human Right Council Session

Ruth Manoram & Helen Mack

Series of interviews shot for The Right Livelihood Award during its event "Women Human Rights Defenders"

Couple of conferences about Swiss policies targeting migrants shot and edited for solidaritéS

Conference host and two speakers

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Born last millenium, during the age of Star Wars, proto Hip-Hop and early video games, I first started experimenting with moving images during a workshop at Les Ateliers Cinéma de Marseille and shortly after went to New York to study at the NYFA [New York Film Academy].

Few years later, I joined the École Supérieur des Beaux-Arts of Geneva, that has since been renamed the HEAD [Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design]. I graduated from the Art/Media department, but also followed some of the CCC [Critical Curatorial Cybermedia] courses.

To complete my studies, I attended classes on web design [WordPress and Webflow] and post-production [Final Cut Pro X and After Effects] at CadSchool .

I'm working now  as a freelance videographer and AV consultant for NGO's such as the ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross], the OMCT [World Organisation Against Torture] and the Right Livelihood Award. I am specialized in humanitarian communication and social media videos, but also collaborates with various clients on creative and corporate projects.

Tristan Audeoud

Image of an envelope

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Photo of the video of a figurine of a man projected on a piece of wood

Translation, 2009: video installation exhibited at the Swiss Art Awards and the CIC [Centre pour l'image contemporaine]

Photo of spam headers printed out and stuck on a wall

My Friends used to live in McColo, 2008: piece made out of spam headers printed and stuck on a wall

Photo of a fake LCD TV hung on a wall showing an hypnotist

Fantasmatron, 2007 (collaboration with Steve Louis): fake LCD TV screen on which is projected hypnotic videos found on the internet

Paradise, 2006 (collaboration with Steve Louis): digital forest environment crafted only with synthetic elements

Photo of the pixelated projection of the picture of forest like wallpaper
Photo of an empty CRT screen with two candles and a picture of Nam June Paik inside, in front of a pile of CRT screens

Monitor Altar, 2006: funeral altar inspired by Korean tradition in memory of Nam June Paik (1932 - 2006)

Airag, 1999: series of photographs taken in the steppes of the Övörkhangai Province of Mongolia

Photo of a woman cooking airag in a yurt in Mongolia
Photo of people in a street of Kashgar during the Sunday market

Poussière (Dust), 1999: series of photographs taken along the Silk Road in Xinjiang, China